Guwahati is the capital of Assam surrounded by Seven-sister states, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland. Guwahati is famous for its coal rich coal reserves, natural gas, and oil industry and tea plantations. Being the largest city of Assam, it is the industrial, educational and commercial hub of the state. Commonly, films are most of the powerful medium comprising of audio and visual effects to weave a story around certain characters. A movie makes you react in a wide range of emotions which covers grief, happiness, anger and simple feeling of well being. It is no wonder that in a city throbbing with activity, movies have created a special place in the heart of Assamese as a source of entertainment and a way of relaxation. Most of the people during weekends go to multiplexes with families and friends to enjoy the movies. Being the gateway to the north eastern region, this place is likely to witness massive growth in commercial and retail sectors. Some of the biggest shopping malls have been mushrooming in Guwahati which are thrown open for public. Some are already in use and others about to end construction work. After a long wait.

Multiplex theatre in Guwahati:-

The emergence of many malls in and around the city has given place to numerous multiplexes as more than two movies at the same time are screened as the viewers can select any option that they want. After a long wait movie lovers has a reason to cheer as they have got the first ever multiplexes. It’s also an ideal venue to meet up with friends as the multiplex not just provides movies but also shopping, eating outlets, games and place to spend quality time with friends. Multiplex is a movie theater complex with multiple screens with six ten or more screens. They are usually placed in a specially designed complex or building. The largest of these complexes can arrange seating arrangement for thousands of people and sometimes these are referred to as a megaplex . The audience has the craze to watch the new releases, plays and 3D pictures in multiplexes as it gives complete satisfaction to audience about story and picturisation. Over all the film industry is largely product based. Good and new movies coming to the city will send citizens to multiplex. The demand of multiplexes is increasing due to the demand for social infra- structure in country.

Demand for multiplexes:-

Multiplexes have sophisticated technology like digital screens. The emphasis is more on hyper-plexing, which means possessing more than 8 screens in one mall or commercial building. Whoever likes to go for multiplex can refer the details available on movie section of Guwahati entertainment as most of the tourist likes to spend one evening in a multiplex to keep it memorable. The pages available in Guwahati sites will give the tourists idea about places, running movies and location of theaters and multiplexes. Even facility of online booking tickets is available in multiplexes and seating arrangement is like a luxurious feel to viewers to enjoy the show.

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