Guwahati is the largest city as well as the main business centre of Assam. Shopping in the region is very interesting and is in an unforgettable experience for the tourists and travelers. Shopping in Guwahati is a fascinating experience for the tourists who are interested in carrying home souvenirs and curios from the north east region of India. The city of Guwahati has a number of markets and shopping areas in the main city of Guwahati. Fancy bazaar, paltan bazaar, ulubari, Ganeshavri and GNB Road are the busiest areas of shopping. Tourists can check out the government emporiums for typical items from all the states in the North East. While shopping in Guwahati you will find huge varieties of bamboo products even hairclips and fashion accessories. Other gifts that you can purchase in Guwahati are wall hangings, cane products, caps and shawls. The tourists can also shop for fascinating apparels made of Assamese silks and cottons with thread work displaying traditional motifs.

Shopping Items:-
Guwahati offers a delightful range of exclusive silk saris and mekhela chaddar (traditional attire), in the innumerous indigenous shops and emporiums. There is also a huge variety of other gift items, like wall hangings, caps and shawls. Other items include handmade toys from clay, pith, wood, and bamboo; Laichampi (a quilt like material); bell metal & brass utensils and tribal arts, like masks.

Shopping Places:-

Right from domestic to international brands, the shopping areas in Guwahati offers you a wide selection in goods. If you are looking for traditional silk products, then the local bazaars are the best place to go for. The major malls in the city are the Hub, Bhangagarh, Dona Planet, G.S. Road, Vishal Mega mart, the Cube Mall and Sohum Shoppe, Kolkata Bazaar and Salasar. Recent additions to this list of shopping centers are Big Bazaar, Pantaloons and other malls in the FFORT Mall at Kachari Basti, G.S. Road. As one strolls along the road, one can cite a string of interesting shops and complexes selling all kinds of things.

Pan Bazaar Street in Guwahati:-

This Street is one of the important landmarks in Guwahati and almost everything can be found in this single lane shopping avenue. Accessories, clothes, foot wears, jewelry, furniture can be purchased from the shops set up there. Also, if you are a book lover, then head out to the libraries that house a mind-boggling collection of great novels, books on economy of country and even rare books. Hunt for noted restaurants over there like Sunflower, Kalyanee, Reboti’s, US Pizza, Ashoka, etc to savor the most mouth-watering delicacies.

Uzan Bazaar:-

Uzan Bazaar is frequently visited by tourists and shopaholics. The Maas Ghats or the fish port nestled here is a favorite among fish lovers as it is ever-crowded place and is full of action and the fish sellers can be seen shouting at the top of their voices and wooing consumers to buy fresh river fishes. This area is filled with departmental stores, garment shops,fruit shops, bakeries, retail shops, eateries and pharmaceutical shops.


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