Best food for pregnant woman


Best food for pregnant woman:

You all know that it is greatest gift from god to become a mother. In fact, it is one of the wonderful feelings when you see that the small baby begins to grow in your womb. It is essential that you should take care that a proper nutrition should be given to the baby every now and then. That is why being a mother you need to take carPregnant_Womense of the foods given. For all these, you would have to consult a nutritionist and have to take foods as prescribed the nutritionist. Remember that a mother should make sure that her each day calorie intake should be near about 300 which are extra along with the normal one. It is essential that the mother should take proper proteins which are definitely the most important one for the growth and development of the baby inside the womb. In the protein category you should include eggs, lean, fish, nuts, dal, and other dairy products in your diet. The next thing that you should include in your diet is the fresh fruits which should be red, green, and yellow colored along with that you should also increase the count of the vegetables intake as well. Definitely, this would give a glowing skin to your baby along with that you should also take fruit juices extracted from fresh fruits. During this time, you could also take popcorns as well. Therefore, you should increase the intake the popcorns because it has the count of the whole grains. Moreover, things like rice, barley, wheat and baby corn should be included in your diet as well. One of the most essential criteria is that you should take plenty of water. Make sure that you should eight glasses in a day because it boots the growth and development of the child.


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