drink watrerWater is the most important component in diet. It carries the minerals to which your muscles and nerves respond. It maintains healthy skin, flushes toxins from the body and protects the liver and kidneys etc. it is not only necessary to survive but also required for fat loss.  We can live without food but without water it is not possible to survive.  Additional consumption of water decreases fat storage in the body. It is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body for proper circulation of blood. It is also considered as a miracle drug by old priests and practices.

Boosts the metabolism:-

It is proved by science that our body is of two thirds water. Water is very important for the survival of human body in a normal way. When there is no enough water in our body then it is difficult to breath and performance of less digestion occurs. Drinking enough water not only helps us in the battle of weight lose but even boosts your metabolic activities.

Good intake of water:-

Taking good quantities of water increases the levels of energy in the body. It maintains healthy body weight and regular appetite. Drinking adequate amounts of water decreases the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer. So, it is more important to take good and adequate amount of water regularly.

Helps to lose weight:-

Drinking more water is a benefit to lose weight as it burns calories 3-5% quicker than anything. Burning calories quickly equals fast weight lose. You can increase your intake of water in the form of fruits and juices in the morning. Water consists of miraculous healing properties over your body, health and lives. After consuming water, your stomach will be full of something that has no calories, and then you are not gaining weight.

Water keeps the body hydrated:-

Our body needs water to stay healthy and hydrated. We feel good, healthy (both physically and mentally) when our system is hydrated. Water provides the natural solution to detoxify your body by releasing toxins that your liver has filtered out of circulatory system.

Maintains healthy skin:-

Water is essential to enable the muscles to contract. It helps to prevent the sagging of skin that often follows weight loss. Water plumps the skin cells, to give the skin younger and healthier look. It takes care of muscle tone.


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