Ambabachi Mela at Kamakhya Temple


Ambabachi Mela at Kamakhya Temple

(Year 2014  22 June to 26th June)

The grand Ambubachi mela is going to witness a huge crowd for next few days. In fact, the management authorities reported that about four lakh devotees are going to be a part of the mela. It is seen that people not only from India, but also from Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal are going to be a part of the mela.

But the creators do believe that the temple is arranged in an organized way so that no unnecessary rush is created anywhere. People should definitely follow rules and regulations so that they are not deterred by any chaotic situation.

In addition to this, camps are also organized so that the pilgrims could be sheltered comfortably. It has been revealed that about shelter has been arranged for about forty thousand devotees. You should definitely visit the place to get the exotic view of Nilachal hills as well as devi Kamakhya residing on the top of colossal hills.

Kamakhya temple closed for three days during Ambabachi Mela :

You know that ambabachi all about the celebration of yearly menstrual cycle of Devi kamakhya. The celebration continues for three days. But after the three days, the door opens on the fourth day which embarks a new day promised with infinite blessing from Devi Kamakhya.

You should be exasperated to see such innumerable devotees rushing towards temple to catch glimpse of devi Kamakhya. People eagerly wait for the fourth day to get the unique blessing in the form of Prasad. In addition to this, the devotees are also given a small cloth.

The wet cloth consists of the traces of menstrual fluid of Devi kamakhya. People do come from distant land to get the holy cloth which is actually considered highly auspicious. You should surely love to visit the place to be a part of such mela and get the blessing from Devi kamakhya in the form of small piece of cloth.

Ambabachi Mela

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