About Guwahati

In the entire east of India, Assam is a very significant state in which Guwahati city is like a jewel in a crown. This city is linked with other parts of the country in the form of money making and trade. Guwahati comes from the word “Guwa” and “Hat” which means a market for the betel nut. It is assumed that the city has its reference in epics and Puranas which describes the city earlier known as Durojya and Pragjytishpura. It was then the capital of Varman and Pala dynasty. It is identified for its serene beauty and natural environments due to its position in the Himalayas lower range. It is among the fastest growing cities if the country where there is high increase in population as well as development according to surveys. A great number of tourists and travelers get attracted towards its beauty and some people visit for the business purpose and trade links.

Guwahati has the best transportation in Assam with an international airport for the convenience of travelers and business people. In eastern India, Guwahati is known to be a chief center of education and commerce where we find the most reputed world class Indian Institute of technology. Actually it is a hub for education which has big IIT institutes, many collages of commerce and amazing culture and sports. The administrative and political activities and sports also form as part of culture and sports. A network of national highways and other roadways link Guwahati with all the other important places of Assam and other neighboring states.
After reaching Guwahati, there are many historical places to visit. The interesting place “Temple of nine planets” is a great spot and center for the study of Astrology and Astronomy. From all the famous places, the well laid out complex of Assam’s culture is the Assam state museum which displays various sections of epigraphy, arms, crafts, manuscripts and miscellaneous section. At present Guwahati is on the top position from all the towns of Assam because it is very close to the seat of power in Assam and also a commercial center that keeps six Northern Eastern States connected to each other. in the field of medical facilities, Guwahati provides good service with Guwahati medical college hospital where modern facilities are available all through the 24 hours for treatment.
Apart from all these services Guwahati has undergone rapid changes in all fields of banking, full- fledged shopping complexes and Engineering related information. Guwahati is a mesmerizing state full of rich cultural heritage and sheer natural beauty. Once travel to Assam and visit Guwahati and then let yourself loose in the rejuvenating surroundings of this gorgeous green land where there are synonymous tea gardens. Tea gardens of Guwahati and Assam are the famous attractions for tourists. This destination is famous for its fine quality tea and tea gardens which spread its aroma too far of places. Don’t miss a walk through the tea gardens and enjoy the picturesque scenes and surroundings of the gardens which are famous all over the world. At last, Guwahati is somewhat separate from the rest of the country lending it a secluded charm and a pinch of existing flavour.