Hotels in Guwahati

Guwahati which is formerly known as Pragjyotishpur (the City of Eastern Light) is the capital of Assam as well as one of the major city in Eastof India, which is often considered as the gateway to the northern region of east and offering an opportunity to interact with not only the Assamese people but also the immigrants from all the nearby places, thus making it a vibrant cosmopolitan city. It has derived its name “Guwahati” from two commonly used Assamese words, “Guwa”, meaning nut and “Haat” meaning market. The best time to explore the city is between Octobers to April that makes up for the best time for Guwahati city tour. On the other way, the weather conditions of the city are fair as summer ranges from 22 to 35 deg Celsius. Moreover, the city experiences an annual rainfall of 180 cm from May to September. Every year thousands of tourists come here to explore the city as this capital city is very large known for prehistoric to contemporary buildings and a number of other tourist destinations. It is also the major place of education, cultural activities, commercial, etc . Guwahati, also known as the “City Of Eastern Light” and is one of the most relished tourism destinations of the whole eastern India.

Guwahati; the booming business city:-

Guwahati is noted for its Assam products such as Assam Tea, natural oils, other forest  products and handloom – handcrafted articles is deemed amongst the top hundred fastest growing cities of the world and is credited to be the 5th most rapidly developing Indian megalopolis by a certain UK media. Guwahati is a very famous and popular for Economy Hotels and places to stay. There are several budget hotels located along the famous G.S.Road which is near to the railway station. It is important to select a hotel which is well located within city limits in order to save precious time on commute.
Budget hotels to stay in Guwahati:-
Budget hotels in Guwahati such as Hotel Siroy Lily, Hotel Sagar (Pure Veg) provide budget accommodation in and around Guwahati. Guwahati hotels in your budget offer basic but comfortable facilities for budget- conscious travelers to Guwahati. There are many hotels where you can stay comfortably. These are some of the cuisines you will enjoy here. Number of hotels, inns, and other accommodation options are available in the city to stay. Therefore, you can be in the city for more time and enjoy the gateway to northern part of the country. As most of the accommodation and budget hotels in Guwahati are located strategically and tourists can conveniently access almost all corners of the city. In view of budget and cheap. Apart from exploring, tourists can enjoy a boat cruise on the river or spend quality time in the Accoland Amusement Park. Over all Travel guru brings you a choice of cheap hotels in Guwahati. Make a check out of or go through of all cheap hotels in Guwahati from the list available on certain sites as all cheap hotels in Guwahati are very comfortable and provide all possible amenities.