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Kamakhya temple Shakti Peeth

It is located about 7km from Guwahati and one of the major attractions of this place. It has a great historical significance and is situated at Nilachal hills. This sacred temple is dedicated to Goddess shakti (Kamakshya) and is one of the popular pilgrimage destination for tourists and people of Assam.

You all know that Kamakhya temple of Guwahati has occupied an important place in the heart of milling devotees. In this context, it is important to mention about the Ambabachi mela which takes place in the pious land of Guwahati every year during the month of monsoon.

The celebration is all about the yearly menstruation cycle of Goddess Kamakhya. The mela continues for three days, but the door of the temple remains closed. During these three days people not only get engrossed in merry making , but also do has to follow some rules and regulations like not cooking ,farming. Instead people should get delved into spiritual world and go through various holy books.

Once three days get over, the goddess is given a bath which promises her divinity. After the rituals are accomplished, on the fourth day the door of the temple gets opened. People are allowed to enter the premise and be a part of the puja. The goddess is worshipped and blessings are distributed in the form of Prasad. Well you should be exalted to know that the exclusive Prasad of Devi kamakhya comes in the form of small piece of cloth.

According to the learned persons, the cloth holds a special relevance because it bears the marks of periodic fluid of Devi Kamakhya. People from different parts of the states do visit the place to be a part of the heyday. In fact, people do believe that this small piece of cloth of Devi Kamakhya is highly powerful and auspicious. Now it is time for you to visit the place and be a part of such grand mela. For sure you are going to love it and would enjoy to the fullest. At the same time, you would also get the blessings from Devi Kamakhya as well.

Ambabachi Mela at Kamakhya Temple

Ambabachi Mela

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